Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice & Emma


I’m starting this type of posts where I will write about my favourite books. Those are most commonly books which inspire me and make me think about them even long after I finish them – and when I read them cover to cover, I want to reread them as soon as possible. You know when you get the feeling like you’ve lost something? Well, that’s how I feel when I finish those books. In those kind of posts you will find some classics as well as the newest releases, and if you have any suggestions, share them so I (and those of you who may be reading this) can discover other great works. And please, leave the comment below to tell me what you think about the books, what are your favourites… I would love to read all about those.

When I thought about which book to share with you first, I thought about two, both from the same author – Jane Austen. I’ve heard about Pride and Prejudice a long time ago, kind of knew it existed even when I was growing up, but I was too young so I never came to reading it. I was obsessed with Harry Potter back then, too, so I didn’t even think about reading something else. But then, I finally decided it’s time to read it. And I’m not even a bit sorry for that, as it really is a great book. I didn’t know anything about other Austen’s works, and didn’t really think about them despite I loved her style of writing. I discovered Emma in Amsterdam’s Waterstones, where I was looking for an English version of Pride and Prejudice. I found such a beautiful release, it was so perfect I just couldn’t leave it behind. So I bought it, read it and fell in love with it immediately. It’s just something about Jane Austen’s books I can relate to completely.

“We are all fools in love.”

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE takes us back to England in late 18th century. In the house of Mr Bennet, mother’s only worry is to marry all five of her daughters into wealthy families. Heroine of the book is Elisabeth (Lizzy) Bennet, smart and beautiful young woman who is not afraid to speak her own mind and is too often embarrased by her mother’s blind attempts to marry her. When she meets Mr Darcy, they both instantly hate each other. Yet the story gets complicated when the two of them realise love isn’t a choice, but destined feeling.

“You must be the best judge of your own happiness.”

EMMA is a young, very pretty girl, who still lives with her rich father, although she’s enough old to get married, but really doesn’t want to. After all, she is the only daughter that is left to take care of her old, ill father. In her free time, she enjoys predicting who will marry whom, no matter if she’s wrong or right, she will tell her ideas to anybody who will listen, really, and with that she manages to break quite a few young women’s hearts. With a love interest or two, she doesn’t have boring life, and if you think it’s just a simple love story, you are wrong – it’s a lot more than that.










August Favourites


I can’t believe August is over! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really think that older I get, faster the year goes by. It feels like I overslept the entire summer. But there have been things I loved using (and still will, I reckon), so I’ve just came up with this list.

OPI nail polish in colour Humidi – Tea

In the beginning of the month, I already spent one week at the sea side and was happily looking forward spending there two more weeks. You know, lying on the beach, reading loads of books and of course, relaxing – that leaded to not biting my nails. And if you are now thinking: “What has that to do with a nail polish?!”, I have to inform you, I bite my nails all the time. They just don’t want to grow! (andd I think this is a massive TMI – sorry guys!) Yet I didn’t settle for all those bright pinks, reds and other summer colours, I was much more into pretty nudes. And that’s what this nail polish is – a pretty brownishy pink nude with just a sprinkle of glitter. Perfect for the summer and, if I’m honest, for all year round, really. Loving it!

HAWAIIAN Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun

Yes, I’ve been lying on the beach all days and yes, I may have forgotten to put any sun protection on. So my skin was a bit reddish at one part, and this gel (which includes Aloe), helped me a lot. I just spread it all over my body and let it to do its job and I can say it’s a really good moisturiser. Plus it smells amazing!

Calvin Klein Delicious Truth lipstick in 216 Socialite

We’re still at the sea side. Because we tend to dress up at night – we go on a dinner, or just drinks, and you want to look prettier with all the make up, the tan and in a little summer dress. And since I don’t really like any strong-coloured lipsticks (I think my lips are just the weirdest shape – again, TMI!), this one has been the perfect in between those strictly-business nudes and classic reds. It’s a juicy, glossy (almost nude) pink with some glitter, but it isn’t too shiny.

Ted Baker Dover in-ear headphones

Those two weeks passed by in a blink of an eye and before I knew it, we were travelling back home. Listening to music during the ride back is a habit of mine – looking through a window, pretending to be in some kind of music video while listening the newest hits. And since I wasn’t travelling alone, which means I was surrounded with voices, those headphones really made the journey back slightly more pleasant. They managed to stay in even while I was asleep, and I also couldn’t hear a single thing, no matter how loud the people next to me were. And they look so glam, all white with dusty gold details.

One Direction – Spaces (2014, album Four)

I can’t say I’m a Directioner since I didn’t particularly like their music, but recently I watched This Is Us (which is their movie btw) and heard many songs that aren’t really that popular – well, are less popular than the ones you can hear on the radio all the time. I went to YouTube and realised they have pretty good music, not just those boybandish summer hits. Spaces is one of those discoveries, the lyrics are beautiful. I’ve also come across Once In a Lifetime, Infinity, Fool’s Gold and cover of one of my all-time favourite songs, from their X Factor days, Chasing Cars.

Here you go, my favourite things of August. I hope you are having great time, no matter where you are. Remember to enjoy those days before hard schoolwork starts piling again 🙂

If you have any suggestions, ideas or things you would like to share with me, please, write in the comments below. I would love to read what your monthly favourites are.