Hello Everyone!


I’m an european teenage girl who loves books, writing, fashion, make-up, photography, all this little things that areuseful and pretty. I have very strong opinion and I have lots of views on the world. I like to write and share my opinion, and sometimes the only thing I really enjoy doing is writing. I love it when I can share stories and choose words to describe different situations, and the way they can make the reader think about it and feel like they are re-living this story with me.

I started this blog because I needed a place where I can be myself, not caring about what everybody thinks about me. Just a place where I can express myself with words, where I can forget about all the things that are in my life, and just BE. And hopefully, help somebody who is going through hard times and give them a feeling that they are not alone. Because, I really feel like at the end of the day, I have nobody to share my ups and downs of the day with and tell them how I really feel about the world.

I want to start the blog so me, and hopefully you, won’t be alone anymore. So we can have each other. And be ourselves (of course still caring about not hurting person next to us), because you know, there is over 7 billion people on the planet, and I bet more than half of them feel alone. It’s not about how many people you have around yourself, it’s about how many people you really let closer to your heart, to your life.

I think I’ll be uploading a new blog post once a week. But firstly, I have to apologize because of my writing mistakes. I will be doing my best since English is not my first language. And therefore, please let me know about my mistakes so I will try to get better.

And another thing…to be really sure that I can be myself, I won’t be writing about personal info, such as my name and name of everybody else I might be mentioning, address, nationality and my birth date, unless it’s important in a certain moment or I choose to let you know. Please respect that.

But about everything else, my feelings and opinions etc., I will be totally honest. I will write this blog as it’s my diary and I hope it would be ok. But now I’m writing for too long so sorry about that. See you soon with first real post!